Economic Development old 2

Economic Development

Our purpose is to create jobs through project implementation in agriculture, farming, eco and religious tourism, IT, services, light industries, in all the regions of our country.



Equipping an olive oil laboratory in Lebaa (South) in order to support local olive farmers dedicated to sustainable agriculture through organic farming, and offering them technical advices to improve the quality of their production.

Mount Lebanon

Launching of a public company to promote local agricultural and Lebanese arts and craft products in Mount-Lebanon. An experiment that can be repeated in the other regions of the country.

East Beqaa

Delivering tractors and agricultural accessories in Jdeidet el-Fekha (East-Beqaa), thanks to the German Evangelical Church in Württemberg (as on the photo), or in other villages of the region thanks to private donors.


Promoting a better irrigation of the land through the inauguration of a household fresh water network in Akkar (North) or building concrete water tanks along with the piping network in East-Beqaa.