Social Development

Social Development

Education and health care being two priorities, we focus on preserving the schools in the villages, in providing different formations, and on installing dispensaries and equipping medical centers, through our collaboration with other NGOs, our contacts with the diaspora, and the twinning with foreign villages.



ABC Commissioning the transport incubator, along with masks, gloves, medicines, in partnership with Dr. Robert Sacy, Head of the Neo-Nate ICU of Quarantine Hospital in Beirut, is one of the several actions made in favor of this public medical establishment.

Mount Lebanon

The equipment of the Baskinta Medical Center, in the Metn, was offered, among others, by the Evangelical Church (Germany) and L’Œuvre d’Orient (France), and will be affiliated to the Lebanese Red Cross. Very often, Nawraj is approached for the equipping of hospitals in different regions.


In order to help the young people to find a job in the country, different formations (such as a technical formation in nursing and hospitality services, and women empowerment, in the Beqaa border villages) are offered in several places.

Border Villages

Thanks to Lebanese donors, health insurance cards are distributed to families, especially in the Beqaa border isolated villages.