About Nawraj

Nawraj is a Lebanese non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to enhance the livelihood of the population, creating job opportunities and developing skills, in order to build solutions that respond to people’s daily realities. Nawraj also provides assistance with food supplies, access to education and health care. 

It works in partnership with the private sector, civil society and citizens alike to make sure we leave a better Lebanon for the future generations.

The Team Executives
Nawraj - Fouad Abou Nader

Fouad Abou Nader

President of the Board

President of Nawraj Foundation , Medical Doctor, Working in the Health sector, Lebanese Civil Society Activist
Nawraj - Assad Rizk

Assad Rizk

President of the Board of Trustees

Professor of Urology at the Faculty of Medicine U.S.J. Three times Minister in 1976, 1992 and 2005. Faced with the current dire situation of Eastern Christians and in order to preserve the Christian presence in Lebanon which to my mind is a cultural and social treasure, I have engaged with Nawraj to achieve this goal regardless of the price.
Nawraj - Sélim Catafago

Sélim Catafago

Head of the Board of Advisors

I was attracted to Nawraj NGO to its objectives, to its noble undertaking, high ethics and spirit of initiative and dedication whose members overwhelmingly enjoy. Civil Engineer from E.S.I.B - Hydraulic Engineer from E.N.S.E.E.H.I.T (Toulouse France) – Doctorate in Hy- drology from University of Montpellier France. Honorary Dean of Faculty of Engineering of Saint Joseph University and Professor of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics at E.S.I.B. Has held positions of trust in public and private sectors (Adviser to several ministers, Member of Boards of Directors as president or vice pres- ident, industrial experience in the plastics industry). On a personal level I was engaged in several social associations.
Nawraj - Farid Chehab

Farid Chehab

Head of Communication

Farid chehab is the founder of a creative agency that became one of the biggest advertising networks in the ME. And today through mergers, part of one top communication corporation worldwide. His last function in the advertising business was Chief Creative Officer for its CEEMEA region. Farid Chehab converted recently to Author at the service of useful causes, specially in Lebanon. He wrote:“A Bet for a National Conscience” in 2011. Contributed to “BlueGold “ 5-year plan for lebanese water optimi- zation in 2013 .“Of Happiness and Ideas” on creativity in 2015. And very recently “A Bridge over the XX!st century”. An approach to face the challenges of the new digital economy . He is equally concerned in the region’s Christian cause, putting his knowledge in communication at the service of Nawraj.
The Founders
Nawraj - Fouad Abou Nader

Fouad Abou Nader

Nawraj - Augustin Tegho

Augustin Tegho

Nawraj - Nazar Najarian

Nazar Najarian

Nawraj - Iskandar Saba

Iskandar Saba