A NGO to serve Lebanon

Nawraj is a Lebanese non-governmental organization, founded in 2010. Its objectives :

1. Preserving and defending pluralism, diversity, dialog and peace in Lebanon, to build a state of law resting on the following values : freedom, equality, dignity and security for all its citizens.
2. Nawraj extols a positive and permanent neutrality internationally guaranteed, where the Lebanese Army, exclusively, would ensure Lebanon’s security & defense.
3. Nawraj believes in a proximity democracy through more decentralization (regionalism).
4. Reinforcing women’s empowerment and children protection.
5. We promote healthcare for all, education and technological innovation.
6. We constantly support our communities wherever they are. We pursue a relentless commitment to create jobs through promoting evolving projects (agriculture, food processing, ecotourism, etc.), so that our people enjoys a better life.

Our Actions

Economic Development

Our purpose is to create jobs through project implementation in agriculture, farming, eco more

and religious tourism, IT, services, light industries, in all the regions of our country.

Social Development

Education and health care being two priorities, we focus on preserving the schools in the villages, more

in providing different formations, and on installing dispensaries and equipping medical centers, through our collaboration with others NGOs, our contacts with the diaspora, and the twinning with foreign villages.


Providing people development is possible when they feel secured. Relying exclusively on the Lebanese Army Forces more

(LAF), we install video surveillance systems in the sensitive border villages and create a communication network between the villages.

Cementing Alliances

The unity of Lebanon is very important for us. We want to strengthen it. Therefore, we multiply contacts and alliances more

with all other communities - Druzes, Shiites, Sunnis, Alawites - and create regional and international contacts.

Reversing Momentum

Nawraj stands besides the Lebanese wherever they need to be supported. To avoid rural exodus, more

Nawraj is developing projects in towns and villages all over the country. And since the explosion of unprecedented magnitude which destroyed a part of Beirut on the 4th of August 2020, we mobilise all our forces to help in the renovation of hospitals and schools, the distribution of medicines and food rations, the rehabilitation of homes and the assistance to students.


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Fouad 2
Fouad Abou Nader
Augustin 2
Augustin Tegho
Nazar 2
Nazar Najarian
Iskandar 2
Iskandar Saba