Vocational Education

Zahlé Community Center [Bekaa Valley] - 2019
Sainte Famille School

  • Training sessions for 33 women in nursing and healthcare services, ensured by the “Institut Technique Franco-Libanais” [ITFL].
  • Securing employment to participants in the hospitals of the Central Bekaa area in hospitals, childcare centers, and senior home.

THE PIONEERS [Zahleh, Beqaa Valley]
Promoting Women Equal Role in Agriculture
The “Pioneers” is another agri-food project to empower women through capacity-building. Ten housewives created a cooperative in Zahleh to meet local market needs with a production of 3,000 items and a catering for more than 80 people.

More Stories

JDEIDET AL FEKHA - JABBOULEH [North-East Beqaa Valley] - 2015
Agriculture Equipment & MaterialSecuring agricultural tractor and tools to sustain local inhabitants’ long-term investment in their land

  • Developing income-generating activities in rural areas
  • Ensuring a sustainable economic cycle
  • Achieving food autonomy and self-sufficiency

Jdeidet El Fekha

OLEA COOP [Lebaa, South Lebanon] - 2015

  • Equipping an olive oil laboratory in Lebaa
  • Ensuring sustainable agriculture through organic farming
  • Creating an inter-community economic cycle
  • Achieving food autonomy and self-sufficiency
  • Supporting agri-food businesses